digital marketing recruitment agency

When it comes to hiring a digital marketing recruitment agency, why not partner with the agency that has hands-on experience in both digital marketing and recruitment.

RainierDigital’s Founder, Travis Scott, brings over 12 years of recruiting experience at companies like Microsoft, Comcast, and and has nearly a decade of digital marketing experience – both agency and in-house.

Engaging a recruiting agency can sometimes seem intimidating and expensive. We’re out to change that.

We view our relationship with our clients as long-term partnerships and not only source the best candidates on the market, but provide consultation and support throughout your interviewing process.

The benefits of partnering with RainierDigital include, but are not limited to:

  • You don’t have to hire an in-house recruiter or recruiting team when your hiring needs are unpredictable
  • Free up your time to do what you’re good at – marketing and managing – not recruiting and screening
  • Streamline your interview process
  • Help with developing a hiring strategy
  • Access a larger pool of candidates
  • Target your competitor’s best employees
  • Spin up and spin down your staff and required expertise on a project-by-project basis with contractors

RainierDigital provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to your hiring needs, including:

  • Direct placement of full-time employees
  • Contract-to-hire arrangements
  • Contract employees

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