Get More Out of Your Recruiting Efforts with Retargeting

Recently, I wrote an article about digital advertising and recruiting and planned on following it up with a series of articles focusing on the different types of digital advertising and how they could work for recruiting organizations.

This week I’m going to talk about what is probably my favorite type of advertising – retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

What is retargeting, you ask? Great question! We’ve all probably experienced retargeting at some point but just didn’t know there was a name for it. Have you ever gone to and viewed a specific product but didn’t purchase it, only to jump over to Yahoo! or another completely unrelated website only to see an ad for the product you were just looking at? That, my friend, is retargeting. And it can be pretty powerful.

When it comes to recruiting, candidates come from a wide array of sources to view the job postings on your career site. They may kick some tires during their lunch break; maybe one of your recruiters sent them an InMail through LinkedIn. Whatever the reason, they may have viewed the job and left without applying. Maybe they didn’t have a copy of their resume with them at the time. Maybe they were curious because they like your company but aren’t quite ready to apply and commit to the interview process just yet.

Either way, wouldn’t it be great to be able to stay in front of that candidate with messaging about your company and even the specific role they were recently viewing? Well, with retargeting, it’s pretty easy to do this- and not just on other websites; you can stay in front of them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Just think of all of the emails and phone calls a recruiter would have to make to be able to stay in front of a candidate like this.

Another reason this is critical is because people aren’t using email as often as they used to. Snapchat and Facebook are becoming the preferred methods of messaging. So even if you had some overachieving recruiters on your team, there’s a likelihood that all of the follow up they’re doing is going unopened and unnoticed.

Stay ‘Top of Mind’

As I mentioned in my prior article, similar to sales cycles, there are also different levels to the behavior of candidates. Display ads target the very highest level of the funnel and are primarily used for building brand awareness and educating consumers and candidates, also knowns as the “awareness” phase. Search ads (or PPC ads) and job postings are about as far down in the funnel as you can get since the candidate is actively searching for your company’s open roles or similar ones.

In between, you have retargeting, which falls more into the “consideration” phase. They know you and your role exists but now it’s important to nurture the “lead” or prospective candidate and be in the right place at the right time when they’ve had a bad day or are finally ready to apply and move forward with the next steps of the process.

Retargeting Ads Work for You

There is also a lot of flexibility with retargeting ads…you can go super granular and create ads that only show to people who visited specific jobs or you can create something more broad and show the ad to anyone that visited your career site…or something in between.

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