Welcome to RainierDigital

The premise of RainierDigital is to become an educational and knowledge-sharing platform that B2B digital marketing professionals can use to learn and share what they know with each other. I’m Travis, the Founder of RainierDigital, and I’ll be sharing some of the things I’ve learned along my decade-long digital marketing journey.

The goal is to lift each other up to be better and more informed.

Here’s a quick (less than 4-minute) video discussing it further.

I don’t consider myself an expert – I feel there aren’t many people that can- but I know a lot and I want to share what I know with professionals like yourself.

There is only one ground rule: Don’t Be a Dick.


It’s a zero tolerance policy. Passive aggressive bullshit included. This isn’t the place. We’re not 12 yr olds or politicians. We’re professional adults.

This will be casual. I’m casual. I work from home. I don’t dress up. Most of the time I don’t shave. This isn’t about me or how I dress or how bad I am at being in a video. It’s about the content and what you get from it.

I hope you find the knowledge I share from here on out valuable.

If you have a topic you’d like me to cover right out of the gate you can use the comments section below, use the chatbot that may or may not be on the page yet, or join my Facebook group and message me there.

Looking forward to the journey and sharing what I know!

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