The Best S**t I Read Last Week: June 25, 2018

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I’m going to try something different this week – and hopefully every week hereafter.

Each week, I read a lot of good s**t. Check that, a lot of great s**t. At least I think so.

I use Buffer to share it out to my social networks but if it doesn’t pop up in your feed at the right time, you miss that piece of literary gold. So, I’ve decided to create a post (each week is the goal, but it may be more random that that) to summarize and link out to what I would consider the best content I’ve recently read.

And to make sure we’re clear, it’s definitely not s**t, it’s just a figure of speech/slang. That’s just me being me and trying to have a little fun and lighten things up a bit. I’m not really trying to get a gig as a professional writer. I have a TON of respect for people that are, but for me it would suck. This was hard enough to pull together.

Anyway, as a result of what I read every week, I’m going to toss the best stuff I read the previous week your way each Monday- or make my best effort to do so. Holidays, vacation and life will sometimes get in the way.

I’m a person of diverse interests (including pugs) so this isn’t going to be just about digital marketing or recruitment. It could be about management and leadership. It could be about personal development. It could be about recruitment or digital marketing. Or it could be about something I don’t know a lot about but thought was pretty damn interesting – like the stuff that engineers and scientists do.

I plan to publish it here and push it out through social so only about 10% of the people I’m connected to can see it. But if you find this interesting, thought provoking and a great way to start your week, then use the little chatbot in the bottom right to subscribe to our email list and it will be sitting in your inbox first thing every Monday AM.

OK. So here it goes.

SEO Pricing: ~ 350 Agencies, Consultants and Freelancers Reveal How Much SEO Costs in 2018 [New Research] ( – Courtesy of Joshua Hardwick, Head of Content @ Ahrefs. I thought this was a very informative piece of research and covers a topic that a lot of consultants and freelancers struggle with: how to price their services. Some of the information was not surprising such as ‘most SEOs charge a retainer for their services’ or that ‘most agencies charge more than freelancers for their service’, but there were some other things that were very interesting. I particularly liked the graph showing the distribution of the various rates being charged by SEOs. It’s clear we need to find the people charging less than $75/hour and teach them how they are devaluing the service. We also need to find the clients of the people charging more than $200/hour and shake them back into reality- or get them as our own clients. Read It

My Top Failures as a PPC Manager ( – I love these kinds of posts. Thank you Will Larcum! It’s easy to write about what works and how great you are, but most people figured out what works by falling on their face first. It’s important to learn from your failures and keep getting better, but it’s even better to learn from other peoples’ failures and avoid making the mistakes altogether. However as I read Will’s post I could also relate to making the same mistakes along the way – especially when it comes to ‘chasing shiny new toys at the expense of the basics’. Read It

3 Roles Marketing Leaders Should Abandon ( Karrh nailed this one. I got my first management experience 2-1/2 years ago when I became the Digital Marketing Manager (my title is officially Director, but it sounds too big so I don’t use it much). As I read this, I could relate since I’ve done each of these things to a certain extent and felt that the hardest to shake or separate from was getting away from being a “professor-guru”. A managers, we typically got here/there thanks to our knowledge and expertise. We want to continue to be plugged in and aware of the latest changes Google has made or the shiny new martech platforms just coming on the market.

However, when I was enrolled in the University of Notre Dame’s Management and Leadership certificate program, I realized being a leader and managing a team and program was so much more. It allowed me to be OK with not having time to read and stay up on everything like I once did. But, let’s not kid ourselves. I still love to learn and love digital marketing and recruitment, so I continue to read – a lot.

If you’re a manager – or aspire to be one – this is a must read. Read It.

Why the Workplace Needs to Be Fairer to Working Dads ( – I’m going to start by saying HBR is probably my favorite resource and something I go to religiously each week. The articles are well-written by professionals across different industries, verticals, and professions. They provide excellent insight into a wide array of topics from personnel/HR topics to management and leadership to personal development. Josh Levs struck a chord very close to me at the moment as I’m a brand new, first-time Dad. It’s been an eye-opener to the things I’ve heard people talk about for so long but couldn’t relate. Well, now I do relate and Josh’s article was excellent. Although, I have to admit, I’m lucky and haven’t had to experience this kind of workplace behavior. When I put myself in the shoes of these other Dads working at large, inflexible, and/or short-sighted organizations, I couldn’t help but feel a little anger well up toward the companies treating people this way. Bottom line- it has to stop. We have to start treating people and their families with more respect. Try to be part of the solution to keeping families together rather than part of the cause. Regardless, this is a great read. Read It

How to Build Your Website Authority in 90 Days ( – OK. This is a ‘geek out’ article and digs into the tactical side of SEO. A lot of the things Ian Cleary mentions are things most of us in digital marketing know will work when it comes to building website authority. This is a great reminder that if you hustle and you put in the time to do all of these things you can see an improvement in 90 days. There’s a reason most people don’t see results this quickly – or sometimes at all. It’s because it’s work. It takes consistency and commitment. But, that’s also true of running a business or being good at life. I liked this article because I’m doing some consulting for a few friends and their business, Paired Sourcing, and this was a great reminder of what I need to do for them in the coming months when we shift our focus to SEO and organic traffic. Read It

Alright. There you have it! My first installment of The Best S**t I Read Last Week. Hopefully you found it informative, inspiring, and a good use of your time on a Monday morning.

I’d love to hear any feedback you have and will always be working to make this better.

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