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A Career Change – My Story

Career Change Long Road

You may be asking…”why is he writing a blog post about himself?” And that’s a great question. I’m not a self-promotional kind of person, but I feel there are a lot of people out there who feel stuck in their current career path. After awhile, you feel hopeless and start to resign to the fact that you’ve made your bed and what’s done is done. You decide to just slog it out until retirement. (more…)

The Best S**t I Read Last Week: June 25, 2018

Pug on a Laptop


I’m going to try something different this week – and hopefully every week hereafter.

Each week, I read a lot of good s**t. Check that, a lot of great s**t. At least I think so.

I use Buffer to share it out to my social networks but if it doesn’t pop up in your feed at the right time, you miss that piece of literary gold. So, I’ve decided to create a post (each week is the goal, but it may be more random that that) to summarize and link out to what I would consider the best content I’ve recently read.