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What Will I BE?

Email lists and quality content are the cornerstones of an effective marketing program. Social media and branding are great, but you aren’t in control of who sees your message and when. It’s the brand equivalent of spray and pray, which may be why employer branding is more prevalent than recruitment marketing. It translates more closely to the way recruiters have been acting all of these years. Sure, you can try to put your message in a place where your audience spends time, but it’s predicated on hope more than skill. It’s mostly pay-to-play and algorithms that no one fully understands other than the people creating them. It’s all assumption. Too often, it’s assumed if you just keep showing up in someone’s social feed with pictures of your 3pm Friday keggers and cool Halloween par...

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Benchmarks are (Practically) Worthless

About a week ago, someone I follow on Twitter posted their opinion about benchmarks, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He said something to the effect of benchmarks are worthless. The only good benchmark to follow is if you’re improving. I agreed with him. From the time I first started doing digital marketing, benchmarks have been talked about- especially with email campaigns. But also around social media and digital marketing. Benchmarks have been around forever. They’re a measuring stick to compare yourself to. However, there are so many variables involved in marketing that benchmarks aren’t very helpful. In fact, they can be a place to hide for a lot of marketers. Here’s what I mean by that. Keep Reading...

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