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RainierDigital is a recruitment marketing consulting company. Now based in Spokane, it began in the shadow of Mt Rainier in Seattle.

Our mission is to develop a deep partnership with our clients. Allowing us to develop a deep understanding of their pain points and marketing gaps.

Our Story

RainierDigital began as a “side hustle”. A way for it’s founder, Travis Scott, to gain hands-on digital marketing experience. Travis stumbled into recruiting while getting a MBA in Marketing. He ended up spending 12 years of his career in talent acquisition. However, his passion lied in marketing.

RainierDigital started as a ‘jack of all trades’. Initially, focusing “a mile wide and ankle deep.” Soon he realized this was not the key to success. Rather, he needed to have a laser focus.

Subsequently, Travis began to see the role marketing played in nurturing sales leads. This same principle applied to recruiting, yet most organizations lack a true candidate-nurturing front-end.

As a result, he changed his strategy. Deciding to focus on sharing his knowledge and strategic insight with his clients.



Travis Scott - RainierDigital

Travis Scott
Principal, Founder

Travis is the Founder and primary recruitment marketing consultant at RainierDigital.

His recruitment experience includes stints at Microsoft, Comcast and Booking.com. At Microsoft, he was frequent contributor to the Microsoft Jobs Blog. He was also a member of the Windows staffing social media team.

When it comes to marketing, he has both agency and in-house experience. This includes his current role as Director of Marketing for a small B2B company based in Denver, CO.

He has a BS in Public Affairs from Indiana University and a MBA from the University of Colorado.

Travis lives in Spokane, WA with his wife and their three dogs.