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Nearly 10 years ago, RainierDigital (RD) was started as a way Founder, Travis Scott, could gain hands-on digital marketing experience. Over the years it has evolved as his experience expanded.

Today, RD is primarily focused on education and training with an emphasis on B2B digital marketing.


Travis Scott, Founder

Travis Scott - RainierDigital

Travis Scott

Travis started RainierDigital 10 years ago as a way to gain digital marketing experience. He had been a tech recruiter for five years prior and was feeling stale and uninspired. He also had recently obtained a MBA with a focus in marketing from the University of Colorado and felt like he had just wasted a lot of time and money with every student loan payment he made.

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His first client came by way of a referral from a friend. Industrial Specialties Mfg (ISM) had approached him to help with their social media strategy – remember, it was still pretty new back in 2009. At the time, he was working 20 hours/week as a contract recruiter at Comcast to help bridge any cash flow gaps as he got his business started.

Soon, his consulting role with ISM grew and let to more referrals, but as things began to take off, he was recruited himself for a talent acquisition role at Microsoft. Since he had previously worked very hard to achieve his goal of working for Microsoft, it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

While at Microsoft, he learned a lot about business – especially business processes – and made some great friends. But ultimately realized that marketing was where his passion lied and that working at a company the size of Microsoft wasn’t what he wanted to do at the time.

In 2014, he left Microsoft to focus on building RainierDigital. Meanwhile, he had continued to work with ISM as a consultant and that relationship grew even more after leaving Microsoft.

After working with several other B2B clients, including LinkTech (now Nordson Medical), he decided he wanted to become more involved strategically with a company versus the “inch deep and a mile wide” feeling of being a consultant working with several companies.

Given the success he had achieved with ISM and the relationship he had formed with ISM’s President, James Davis, they both agreed his moving into an in-house role with ISM made the most sense. ISM had aggressive growth goals and the timing was right.

In late 2015, Travis joined ISM full-time as their Director of Marketing, Strategic and Digital Initiatives. He is still in this role today and has decided to begin sharing the knowledge and experience he’s gained over the past 10 years with other B2B marketing professionals, which brings us to the current version of RainierDigital.