The economy is charging forward. Companies continue to hire at record pace. It can be difficult to scale quickly and operate as efficiently as you need to compete in the tight labor market we’re experiencing.

That’s where RainierDigital can help.

Travis Scott, the Principal and Founder of RainierDigital, brings over a decade of recruiting experience at companies like Microsoft,, Comcast, and Cricket Wireless.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is essential in the highly-competitive talent landscape that exists today. It blends strategy and tactics to provide a unique advantage when it comes to attracting, capturing, nurturing and, ultimately, hiring the best talent for your company.

RainierDigital leverages over a decade of digital marketing and corporate recruitment experience to provide our clients with strategic guidance as well as process and tactical optimization.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Need help developing your company’s recruitment process? Have too many roles for your recruiters to handle and need to fill the top of the funnel with a sourcing sprint? Buried in phone screens?

Or maybe you need someone to help recruiting specific roles or you need to hire a contractor.

If any of these apply to you, then RainierDigital’s recruitment process outsourcing solution is for you.

We put a strong emphasis on building partnerships with our clients recruiters and team as opposed to competing. When recruitment agencies compete with internal recruiters, no one wins.