Our Approach

rainierdigital recruitment strategy

We take a focused, project-based approach to talent acquisition that is unique to each client. The result is access to a wealth of recruiting experience, cutting-edge tools, and clear objectives and delivered results. Our service typically ends up being more affordable than a traditional recruiting agency.

We’re designed for digital marketing agencies and startups that need to hire in bunches but aren’t quite ready to add a full-time recruiter. RainierDigital becomes an extension of your company and will manage every aspect of your hiring needs.




rainierdigital valueWhen it’s all said and done, our service is generally less expensive than traditional recruiting agencies –  and you receive more value.

You own the research we perform, including the profiles of everyone we contacted for your open role(s).

RainierDigital costs considerably less than an agency that will charge you 25% of each new hire’s first year salary and cheaper than hiring a contract recruiter since we have access to the tools that wouldn’t be cost-effective for your company to purchase.