The digital marketing world continues to evolve at break-neck speed and hiring people with the most current skills and experience can be a challenge. We also realize that sometimes you aren’t looking to outsource your hiring needs but want to improve the recruitment marketing and operations you currently have in house.

That’s where RainierDigital can help. Travis Scott, the Principal and Founder of RainierDigital, brings a unique blend of hands-on digital marketing experience, coupled with over a decade of recruiting experience at companies like Microsoft,, Comcast, and Cricket Wireless.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is essential in the highly-competitive talent landscape that exists today. It blends strategy and tactics to provide a unique advantage when it comes to attracting, capturing, nurturing and, ultimately, hiring the best talent for your company.

RainierDigital leverages over a decade of digital marketing and corporate recruitment experience to provide our clients with strategic guidance as well as process and tactical optimization.

Digital Marketing Staffing and Recruitment

Whether you have a short-term project and need to hire one or more contractors to help bridge internal talent gaps you may have or if you’re looking to hire full-time talent, RainierDigital has the experience and capabilities to help you achieve these goals quickly and keep your business moving forward.